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"Ann is an invaluable resource! No matter how prepared and focused you might be with your student, Ann has an eye for the big picture and can help make sure your child’s goals and schools are the best fit. She wears many hats during the process. Early on Ann was able to point out programs and opportunities for my son’s strengths that the guidance department did not emphasize and provided feedback on where to focus time and interest. This direction was pivotal in keeping my son’s limited time focused on the right areas. Later on she provided specific input for interviews and assistance with essays, which was spot on. Ann’s quick response time, attention to detail and her voice of reason helped to keep my son on track during this extremely stressful time. Ann was always available as new issues came to the surface and became the advocate when specific questions needed to be directed to admissions. Without Ann’s input and assistance my son would have had a much more difficult time with the process and would have had limited options. Ann is the BEST!”“

“My daughter is a high school senior this year.  We decided that we needed someone to help guide us through the college application process.  More specifically, she needed help strategizing for her college essays.  Ann has a very calming manner, and was able to give my daughter expert advice based on her years of experience working with students.  She was always available through email and meeting in person to give guidance and support.  I would highly recommend Ann.”

“Thank you for all your help with the college application process.  So far Tom has been accepted into four colleges on our list.  He has not received a decline.  He has been accepted into Syracuse College of Engineering and Computer Science, which is his first choice.  He got a nice financial aid award from them.  He will be attending Syracuse in the fall. We could not have done this without you.”


“Thank you so much for all your help with my college applications. I would not have been able to get all of it done and meet all of the deadlines without you! Your input and feedback made all the difference. You really made the process less stressful and I can’t thank you enough!“


“I just wanted to let you know I heard back from Notre Dame yesterday, and I got in! Thank you so much for all the help you gave me with their supplements and with my Common Application essay, I really appreciate it.”


“Ann is the perfect resource for students and parents, navigating the college application process. In my capacity as the adult program coordinator for Montvale Public Library, I invited her to present programs on key aspects of the college application process: building a customized college list and writing winning college application essays. Her academic background in psychology and college counseling, and years of professional counseling experience were clearly in evidence at each of the three free workshops she offered. She was thoughtful, knowledgeable, personable and patient with all of the students, and generously stayed long after the end of the official talks to answer questions and discuss strategies on a one-on-one basis.”


“Until our son met with Ann, he was very unsure about attending college due to frustration with his grades. No matter how much effort he put into schoolwork, his grades were getting progressively worse. Ann, with her expertise and dedication, was able to identify the root of the problem: our son was suffering from ADD, which no one else had recognized. With this awareness, Ann proceeded to identify a number of colleges that best suited our son’s interests and personality. He is now enrolled in a prestigious university (on a scholarship) and is equipped to make his college career a success. My wife and I highly recommend Ann for her knowledge, dedication and interest in helping students find an appropriate college.”

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